Proxmox 4 with a Single Public IP - Setup a Private Network
January 10, 2016

Proxmox 4 can easily be configured to put all or some of your VM/Containers in a NATed private network. You can even forward ports from your public IP address to your containers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure this setup from the Web GUI, but the changes to the configuration file are very simple. All changes and additions are outlined in this post.

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Proxmox 4 Upgrade on OVH - Simple IP Failover Issues
November 02, 2015

Your using Proxmox 3 on an OVH Server and you want to upgrade to Proxmox 4. You have a pretty simple setup and figure it will be a simple process. While this is mostly true, if you are used to just assigning one of your Failover IP’s to a container via the Proxmox interface you will quite surprised when that no longer works.

So whats the problem? LXC does not work the same way (as far as I can tell) when it comes to the network. I was forced to manually configure the network in each machine.

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Proxmox CentOS 7 Console Showing Two Login Prompts
July 03, 2015

CentOS 7 installed from the OpenVZ repo can cause a problem using the Console built into Proxmox. When you launch the console, you will see two prompts for username and if you try to login the two shells will conflict and prevent you from using this feature. The problem is caused by the switch from inittab to systemd. Luckily, the fix is very easy.

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Changing the Login Screen Resolution in CentOS 7 / Gnome 3
March 13, 2015

By default, the Gnome login screen chooses the monitor layout and screen resolution automatically. If you want to change this, you may have been like me and searching everywhere and finding references to xrandr and init files. None of these solutions worked for me. I finally did find the solution at The Archlinux Forums.

Changing the login screen resolution on CentOS 7 using Gnome 3 (The default desktop install) is a simple but non-obvious process.

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BigReactors - TurbineMonitor in ComputerCraft
March 10, 2015

So I happen to be a fan of Modded Minecraft, and have been playing FTB Infinity lately. One of the mods in FTB Infinity is BigReactors. Big Reactors allows you to build a nuclear reactor that can either directly produce power or it can be configured to produce steam. If you produce steam, in order to produce power you must build turbine(s) to convert the steam to power. Once you setup your reactor and turbines, you quickly realize that you can produce A LOT of power. So much that I found I can not use it quickly enough. I put in a battery to store it the excess power but the battery filled up quickly. This lead to my turbine sitting full with power, still running wasting fuel. It was quite easy to configure my reactor to power up and down as needed with 3 Reactor Redstone Ports and a simple RS Latch, but there is not an easy equivalent for the turbine.

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