Multiple Public IPs for a Single DDWRT Router
February 10, 2015

I have created a very simple tool to help configure and forward ports for Multiple Public IPs on a DD-WRT enabled router. The biggest issue, in my opinion with DD-WRT and Multiple Public IPs is the requirement to use the commands to manually add all the ips. This can be tiresome when you have many small changes to make, want to add new port forwards, remove ips, etc. So I put together this simple tool.

You can find it on its dedicated page along with all it’s documentation.

Chatinator for
August 18, 2014

I wanted to learn C# and .NET. I sat and thought for a long while what project I could do that would keep my interest long enough to produce a result others would actually use. I took a break from brainstorming to watch one of my favorite streams, Wyld. He ran a giveaway on his chat using one of the current bot tools out there. The winner was chosen at random from the chat and posted to the chat. Problem was there was so much traffic in the chat that most people did not see the winner. Then it came to me, there are no good programs to display results from chat polls, giveaways, and the like on stream. So I sat down and started working on Chatinator for Twitch.

Everything related to it can be found on GitHub Project Page The installer can be found on my blog page for Chatinator

Creating Life - A study into HTML5 Canvas, Webworkers, and Life Simulation - Part 1
July 21, 2013

Let me start off, I am no pro in any of the following you are about to see. I have spent the past few weeks trying to learn about HTML5 and some of the cool new things its brings. First off, you can see a demo of all my work on I should tell you right now, I think it will only function on chrome. I know there are some styling issues on Firefox and the last time I tried running it in firefox it didn’t run at all.

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Extracting the icons from an EXE in PHP on Linux
January 20, 2013

For a project I am working on I wanted to add the ability to see an EXE’s built in icon file in a web application. I am running a Debian Linux / PHP5 stack and figured out a way to extract a png out of a Windows EXE. To accomplish this I am using icoutils to extract an ico file from the exe, then search for the target size icon I want and extract a png from that ico file. The script is commented and should be pretty easy to understand and edit to fit your needs. Help with icoutils can be found on the wrestool and icotool man pages. The gist is below:

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jQuery.flipper - A jQuery plugin for retro clock-like animations, and more!
October 10, 2012

After a little bit of searching around on the web for a javascript solution to create a flip-down animation for a clock a wanted to build, I decided to build my own. I started from this flip-down clock animation css3 example/test page. I have a github repo here which documents all the options and usages. I also have two examples, one that demonstrates all the options and one that shows off the queueing feature.

Again, Important links:

Please feel free to clone the repo and make your own transitions, or maybe improve upon my current transitions.