AxelFE Download Accelerator

New Updates 2/27/2012 Created Self-Extracting Installer. Try it out

New Updates 2/21/2012 Better readout of what is happening with your download. Check out the screenshot!! Also removed the non-installer version. No good reason, just a pain to keep so many versions current. Will add back later.

New Updates 2/20/2012 No more ugly console, complete integration into the GUI. Currently working on more settings such as max speed limiter and a better read out of running statistics.

AxelFE is a simple to use download accelerator based on the opensource download accelerator for linux ( There are no configurations, no plugins, no ads, no trackers, no bloatware, just the download accelerator. Special thanks must go to for compiling Axel on windows and sparking my interest in the project. There are currently 2 ways to get AxelFE: