Chatinator for Twitch

Chatinator v1 Screen Shot

Chatinator allows you to run polls, giveaways, and more on stream using your twitch chat to get data from your viewers.

GitHub How to use

I’m actively working on this program and looking for suggestions on features to add. If you are a streamer and have any ideas or run into any problems, please tell me. I am very excited to make this program worthy of use!


Current Version (v1.0.1)

Released 8/23/2014

Download Installer - MD5: 18960458C5891CA27E50BC3DFE5F7136 Download Zip - MD5: 79B395889FA0C8724EEE77C3C23AF533

Previous Versions

v1 - 8/22/2013

Download Installer - MD5: 6E16686B398B8D2BB6AC6C307B1B4FC8 Download Zip - MD5: 455849A3D5901D11DCD56FEDA204693F