Remote Linux shutdown or reboot from Windows using Putty Tutorial

Written by Kevin on July 20, 2010

follow this tutorial to learn how to create desktop icons to remotely shutdown an or reboot an Ubuntu server. You will need Putty and Puttygen, both are at… It is best to use the windows installer.

List of commands IN ORDER

sudo useradd powerguy sudo mkdir /home/powerguy sudo chown powerguy /home/powerguy sudo su powerguy mkdir .ssh pico .ssh/authorized_keys ls .ssh exit exit sudo visudo

(insert this): Cmnd_Alias POWER = /sbin/reboot,/sbin/shutdown (insert this): powerguy ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: POWER


these are the commands to put in putty’s config:

sudo reboot sudo shutdown -h now

I hope you enjoy the tutorial.