Speed up Mac Downloads

Written by Kevin on September 07, 2010

Ok, so as we all know there are download accelerators. But how many of them are free? Well you can make your own nice download accelerator for free with the open source software called Axel.

First step is to download MacPorts from http://www.macports.org/.

After that has installed. Open up Terminal and run this:

sudo port install axel
You will have to type in your password to let it run, don’t worry it wont hurt your computer. The next step is to open up Script Editor. I have written an applescript to make using Axel very easy. Copy this into a new script:


Go to file then click Save As. You can name it whatever you like, but I named mine Axel. Then I changed the format to Application. Save it and you are done. Launch the new app you just made and enjoy fast downloading.

Screenshots to come.