Chatinator for

Written by Kevin on August 18, 2014

I wanted to learn C# and .NET. I sat and thought for a long while what project I could do that would keep my interest long enough to produce a result others would actually use. I took a break from brainstorming to watch one of my favorite streams, Wyld. He ran a giveaway on his chat using one of the current bot tools out there. The winner was chosen at random from the chat and posted to the chat. Problem was there was so much traffic in the chat that most people did not see the winner. Then it came to me, there are no good programs to display results from chat polls, giveaways, and the like on stream. So I sat down and started working on Chatinator for Twitch.

Everything related to it can be found on GitHub Project Page The installer can be found on my blog page for Chatinator