BigReactors - TurbineMonitor in ComputerCraft

Written by Kevin on March 10, 2015

So I happen to be a fan of Modded Minecraft, and have been playing FTB Infinity lately. One of the mods in FTB Infinity is BigReactors. Big Reactors allows you to build a nuclear reactor that can either directly produce power or it can be configured to produce steam. If you produce steam, in order to produce power you must build turbine(s) to convert the steam to power. Once you setup your reactor and turbines, you quickly realize that you can produce A LOT of power. So much that I found I can not use it quickly enough. I put in a battery to store it the excess power but the battery filled up quickly. This lead to my turbine sitting full with power, still running wasting fuel. It was quite easy to configure my reactor to power up and down as needed with 3 Reactor Redstone Ports and a simple RS Latch, but there is not an easy equivalent for the turbine.

This lead me to find the Turbine Computer Port. The computer port allows you interact with the turbine via ComputerCraft, another mod included in the FTB Infinity Mod Pack. I have used ComputerCraft for many simple projects, but have never used it with BigReactors. I read through the API and decided that is was very feasible and should be able to much more than the simple Redstone Ports. I wrote a program is Lua that runs on a computer to manage any number of Turbines. It will turn on and off the Induction Coils automatically to keep a small amount of power in the Turbine. It will also turn on and off the steam to keep the Turbine up to speed. It also will find any attached monitors (Via Modems and Cables) and display the status of each Turbine on each Monitor (I did this because I wanted one monitor in my power room, and one in my main foyer). To use the program is quite easy.

Craft an Advanced Computer, Modems, and Networking Cable. If you would like the displays (Not needed), craft as many Advanced Monitors as you would like for them.

Place the Modems on the Computer, Turbine Computer Ports, and Monitors. Make sure you activate the Modem on the computer last. This may not be necessary, but I had problems when I did not do this

Open up your computer, and type in

pastebin get T8pMizre TurbineMonitor
This will download the program to your computer and name it TurbineMonitor

You can edit the Program by typing in

edit TurbineMonitor
You can change all the colors and text that displays on the Monitors, as well as the target RPM for your turbine.

If you setup everything correctly, all you should have to do now is type

and it should start working!

Code to Follow: