Axel Download Accelerator for Windows - with Graphical Frontend

Written by Kevin on February 14, 2012

So a while back I showed you how to speed up your downloads for free on OSX with Axel and a simple applescript. Well it looks like someone has compiled Axel on Windows ( . I went ahead and created a very simple frontend for it. Feel free to download and try it out.

EDIT 2/15/2012 I updated the frontend to look a little better, added a title and got rid of the the program icon. Also defaults are now set and if you have a valid URL in your clipboard it will automatically paste it into the URL field. I also created a simple installer. Nothing extra in there either, no ads, no bloatware, no spyware, etc. – No-Installer, Launch “Axel Front End.exe” to Run – Installer - zipped - No Bloatware, No Ads. Just a simple installer. – Installer - 7zipped - No Bloatware, No Ads. Just a simple installer.